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Housing Bubble

The Law of Rents

In a previous post titled Hardwork, Intelligence and Profits I spoke about being a homeowner during the rapid decrease of home values in 2008. When the market was near it’s top I reasoned that the best reason to sell was the “Law of Rents”. I created this Law, so allow me to explain.  The Law […]

Hardwork, Intelligence and Profits

In a post on CriticalMAS called True Job Insurance Means Shorting Your Own Company the author puts forth the interesting concept of hedging your employment risk by betting against your industry via puts. I think he’s onto something.  In the dotcom days I was a part-time (and highly delusional) daytrader.  I was up 1000%.  Yes, […]

The case for AAPL

Apple has released the 3G iPhone.  The plan is for the iPhone to be available in 70 Countries within a year.  This represents a large increase in available markets for what has been the hottest phone (it’s really much more) to ever hit the market. An important (and overlooked) part of the release of the […]

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