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Apple’s MobileMea Culpa

Received an email today from Apple regarding MobileMe. It’s a mea culpa of sorts. A Corporate “Oops” if you will.  The entire body of the email is available at the bottom of this post.

The email very honestly lays out the issues Apple had with the transition to MobileMe.  The reason I’m posting it here is that Apple does the right thing.  They come clean about the issues and then give subscribers an extra month for free.  When most service providers have outages (I’m talking about you TimeWarner) they are not forthcoming with refunds or credits for downtime.  The only thing Apple could have done better would have been to be in communication about the issues sooner.

More companies should follow Apple’s lead and own up to their faults with proactive credits.  The body of the email can be read by clicking : Continue reading Apple’s MobileMea Culpa

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