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Changing my Twitter name

I changed my Twitter name. I decided I no longer want my name plastered on every Twitter update. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or concerned about privacy. I use Twitter to tell silly jokes in an attempt to get stars on FAVRD and stay in touch with a small group of personal friends. My name […]

Orlando, Chicago, Chicago

You may have heard the saying (or some variation):  “It takes five times to form a habit but only three times to break it.”  The meaning is that for any activity to become a habit requires five repetitions but that the habit can be broken with just three missed occurrences. Take this blog for instance!  […]

Domain names and privacy

The first challenge of starting a blog is picking a domain name.  This is much more difficult than it sounds.  Almost every conceivable word combination is registered.  Mind you, most domain names are not being used, but the fact someone registered the name means it’s not available.  So… it is! On Privacy:  with the proliferation […]

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