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Category Archives: Chicago

Walter Payton

Walter Payton was one of my biggest childhood heroes. I remember Payton’s press conference in ‘99 weeks before he died where he pleaded for a liver transplant. I was devastated. Payton played for some terrible Bears teams. He was the Bears’ only weapon for almost 10 years so opposing defenses could key on him yet […]

Chicago Trip Pictures

Finally posted the pictures from my trip to Chicago back in October. When we were there it was perfect weather: sunny and mid 70’s. Shortly after we left Winter showed up and Chicago has been in the deep freeze ever since! I had such a good time and the weather was so great I was […]

Fall colors

Fall is my favorite season. The crisp winds and the leaves changing colors make the last few weeks of October a very unique time of year….at least that’s what I remember. I’ve lived in San Diego for 10 years and barely remember the experience of a real Fall season. While many joke that Chicago only has two […]

Orlando, Chicago, Chicago

You may have heard the saying (or some variation):  “It takes five times to form a habit but only three times to break it.”  The meaning is that for any activity to become a habit requires five repetitions but that the habit can be broken with just three missed occurrences. Take this blog for instance!  […]

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