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15 days in Argentina

I recently spent 15 days traveling in Argentina with two friends. In 15 days we visited two Countries, four different areas of Argentina and several cities (Buenos Aires, Colonia, Salta, Mendoza, Cafayate, Tupungato, Iguazu Falls). We also spent a night at an Estancia (ranch) tucked away in the Andes. Big thanks to Dana for being […]

USS Midway Tour

I took a tour of the USS Midway today.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. On the flight deck. Huey Gunship Helicopter View South toward Coronado bridge. Picture of “The Island” from the flight deck. This is the bridge and control center on top of the Flight Deck. View East toward Downtown San Diego. View over the […]

The view…

…from my gym. Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from stuarthall’s posterous

Walter Payton

Walter Payton was one of my biggest childhood heroes. I remember Payton’s press conference in ‘99 weeks before he died where he pleaded for a liver transplant. I was devastated. Payton played for some terrible Bears teams. He was the Bears’ only weapon for almost 10 years so opposing defenses could key on him yet […]


Google Wave presentation by Gina Trapani Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from stuarthall’s posterous

Red Bull Air Races

Went to the Red Bull Air Races today. Few more pics and video here.

Being single in San Diego

Dating is tough.  It’s even tougher in San Diego with an endless stream of beautiful people passing through on a regular basis.  This cartoon sums up the experience better than I could ever put into words so:  (click for big) Cartoon courtesy of:

Chicago Trip Pictures

Finally posted the pictures from my trip to Chicago back in October. When we were there it was perfect weather: sunny and mid 70’s. Shortly after we left Winter showed up and Chicago has been in the deep freeze ever since! I had such a good time and the weather was so great I was […]

Fall colors

Fall is my favorite season. The crisp winds and the leaves changing colors make the last few weeks of October a very unique time of year….at least that’s what I remember. I’ve lived in San Diego for 10 years and barely remember the experience of a real Fall season. While many joke that Chicago only has two […]

Orlando, Chicago, Chicago

You may have heard the saying (or some variation):  “It takes five times to form a habit but only three times to break it.”  The meaning is that for any activity to become a habit requires five repetitions but that the habit can be broken with just three missed occurrences. Take this blog for instance!  […]

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