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The old Internet

I was getting nostalgic at lunch the other day talking with friends about the “old Internet”.  There were a few quality sites that are no longer available, specifically Productopia. Lately I have really been enjoying RSS feeds via Google Reader. The ability to share favorite articles and view your friend’s recommendations has finally made RSS a worthwhile […]

Why America is broke(n)

A sobering and personal example of how the Government cannot do anything efficiently. In my day job we occassionally sell hardware to clients.  As our business has ramped up with a Government entity we’ve hit the radar of the hardware manufacturer.  It turns out the manufacturer has a Government contract with a set price list.  This price list […]

Can you say Housing Bubble?

Housing Bubble

Star Trek Review

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way. This movie nailed difficult casting choices. Quinto as Spock etc was very well done. Casting helped build the backstory of how these characters met because each character was easily recognizable. There was never a moment of disbelief that this character was not the younger version of […]

Red Bull Air Races

Went to the Red Bull Air Races today. Few more pics and video here.

Job perk of the day

Not being in the office!

Started a Tumblr

So, I signed up for Tumblr. Many of the people I follow on FAVRD have a Tumblr and their Tumblr’s are hysterical. I felt like I was missing out on some jokes and, since I have an overpowering need to be accepted by the cool kids to stem my insecurities have accounts on most social […]

Please don’t cancel Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is in danger of being canceled after just two seasons. The Season 2 finale aired tonight. Disclaimer: I am not a big fan of TV in general but I will watch certain shows. Terminator: TSSC, which is based on the Terminator movie series, has had it’s ups and downs. Tonight’s […]

Google Voice – after the dust has settled

I am coming around to really liking Google Voice.  Google Voice is more than just another phone number, it has: -web based SMS -voicemail transcribed to txt. (very slick!) -advanced call routing/handling, including time based clauses -easy to use Gmail like interface -integration with Google Contacts Google Voice centralizes all of my SMS and voice communications […]

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