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Caring for pets

Our pets are like family. However, when they are sick they cannot tell us how they feel. This makes caring for a sick pet incredibly difficult for you and your vet. In a moment, I’ll tell you how to overcome this limitation with a simple and easy process, but first my own story. I have […]

Sunday Dog Walking

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Cone of Shame

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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day

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Red Bull Air Races

Went to the Red Bull Air Races today. Few more pics and video here.

Started a Tumblr

So, I signed up for Tumblr. Many of the people I follow on FAVRD have a Tumblr and their Tumblr’s are hysterical. I felt like I was missing out on some jokes and, since I have an overpowering need to be accepted by the cool kids to stem my insecurities have accounts on most social […]

Holiday greetings

Happy Holidays everyone. The blog has been neglected but for those who still read it I will be updating over the holidays as I am planning to take trip to Big Bear. On a side note, I sent a simple holiday email to our clients and I am surprised by the amount of responses. The […]

No Twitter for Hitler

For those Twitter users out there, this is hysterical:

I got a Chumby

What’s a Chumby?  A Chumby looks like an alarm clock, but it’s really a small internet connected computer with content you select and customize online. It can stream music, provide stock quotes and even check your Inbox. Here’s my virtual Chumby with the channels I use….most of the channels refresh every 30 seconds. Edit: I […]

San Diego Critical Mass – June 2008

Critical Mass is a worldwide event that takes place in most major cities on the last Friday of every month. People gather on their bikes in a public place and ride through the city. Due to the sheer number of riders (sometimes in the thousands) the peloton stops traffic. Impromptu volunteers take turns corking to […]

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