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USS Midway Tour

I took a tour of the USS Midway today.  I hope you enjoy the pictures. On the flight deck. Huey Gunship Helicopter View South toward Coronado bridge. Picture of “The Island” from the flight deck. This is the bridge and control center on top of the Flight Deck. View East toward Downtown San Diego. View over the […]


Google Wave presentation by Gina Trapani Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from stuarthall’s posterous

Google Voice – after the dust has settled

I am coming around to really liking Google Voice.  Google Voice is more than just another phone number, it has: -web based SMS -voicemail transcribed to txt. (very slick!) -advanced call routing/handling, including time based clauses -easy to use Gmail like interface -integration with Google Contacts Google Voice centralizes all of my SMS and voice communications […]

Google Voice

Finally got my upgrade to Google Voice. Too bad I don’t like talking on the phone! I tried the voicemail transcription to text feature and it was 100% accurate. Impressive.

Torrey Pines Gliderport

Took a trip to the Torrey Pines Gliderport on Sunday. Here are a few pics (snapped with my iPhone). The coolest Lifeguard station in San Diego: The bluffs (far in the distance is Black’s Beach…clothing optional!) Paragliders Glider overhead

The Cherrypal

I read an interesting article about the Cherrypal, a 2 watt green “Cloud Computer”. I wrote about my opinion of Cloud Computing in a previous post. Personally, I think the Cherrypal is overpriced. The limitations of this device don’t justify $250. Once these devices are under $100 and the applications available in the cloud mature […]

WordPress for iPhone

WordPress now has a free iPhone application that allows blog updates from the iPhone. This post was created on my iPhone. Very cool!

I <3 WordPress

WordPress is the software behind Brainmower.  I am a tough customer to please, but I have been very impressed with WordPress from day one. Kudos to the WordPress team. Keep up the good work!

I got a Chumby

What’s a Chumby?  A Chumby looks like an alarm clock, but it’s really a small internet connected computer with content you select and customize online. It can stream music, provide stock quotes and even check your Inbox. Here’s my virtual Chumby with the channels I use….most of the channels refresh every 30 seconds. Edit: I […]

Space Bags

I finally opened a box of Space Bags with the intention of storing bulky winter items. Holy freaking crap Space Bags are cool! After my first time vacuuming out the air I knew I wanted to do it again….as soon as possible. It was oddly satisfying. This product should come with a warning on the […]

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