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The Honeymoon Phase

“The moment you sign a client is the moment you start losing them.”

Before the ink dries on a contract you’ve gone from the hope and promise of what’s possible (sales) to the world of performance (partnership).

There is no more talk, it’s now time to deliver.

This is when the real work begins. This is when you discover what it takes to be your word in delivering on your promise. This is where you discover the breakdowns between what you thought you communicated and what the client heard.

And you are 100% accountable for all of it. They are yours to lose. Who are you going to be when there are breakdowns? Someone who fights for their position or someone who makes it work?

It’s the same in relationships. The honeymoon phase eventually ends. Then you have to deal with your significant other leaving their wet towel on the bed…or worse. Often much worse. So who are you going to be in that moment?

Remember, they are yours to lose.

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