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Books: 4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week was an interesting read. The author, Tim Ferriss, proclaims to run his business in just 4 hours a week, take multiple mini retirements and to have completely automated his income.
I like his writing style. It is somewhat in your face. At the same time I think I wouldn't like Tim in person. That's a weird comment, but I kept getting that feeling while reading. I enjoyed the book, don't know that I would enjoy the author's company over a beer.
The first part of the book covers his philosophy, some background and a fair amount of boasting. The second (and boring part for me) covers how to make your own business automated. Interesting, but nothing ground breaking.
What I did like was the challenge to not live your entire life in a cubicle. The world is a big place. Don't work for 20 years then rely on retirement. Take time off now (he was doing up to six month or longer "retirements").
I support that idea. Travel now. Why wait? Perfect timing for me as I leave in less than 2 days for ITALY!!

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