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Monthly Archives: January 2010

2010 52 books January recap

Four weeks in and I’m at 2.5 books for my goal of 52 books in 2010. My pace has slowed because the current book I’m reading, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, is so good I am rereading each chapter. I am also attempting to apply some of the lessons to my business which is basically amounting […]

52 books for 2010

Inspired by this blog post about How to read a book a week in 2010 I’ve decided to take the challenge. I’ll track my progress in this blog post. Duct Tape Marketing Review: Great book on building a marketing plan. Just like it says, very practical and effective. Marketing always has a certain pop psychology aspect. […]

Picasa for photos

Google's photo application Picasa is blowing my mind. I dumped years of photos into Picasa and it began scanning the pictures to find faces. This capability is not new, but I was surprised at how well the application works. It accurately identified people in my photo albums even if the photos were years, or even […]

Life in SoCal

Bright sunshine and pouring rain. Posted via email from stuarthall’s posterous

Choosing 3 words for 2010

I don’t do resolutions. However, this year I read Chris Brogan’s 3 words and despite my best efforts, the 3 words idea would not leave my head. So, I did my 3 words for 2010 on the company blog. My 3 words are not a resolution, they are guideposts. Resolutions mean you’re resolving something, which means […]

Sunrise in San Diego

Posted via email from stuarthall’s posterous

Football is over

Yeah, yeah, there's still the playoffs, whatever. The Bears are done. That's when Football ends for me. The most tragic part of this season is that the Bears played well the last two games. Possibly well enough on offense that people will forget the horrendous offensive play calling and complete misuse of offensive talent throughout […]

Virtual Assistants

I signed up for, a virtual assistant service. AskSunday has a call center in India that acts as your personal assistant, making calls or setting up services. My first two requests involved customer service issues for Microsoft and TiVO. I imagine they also have call centers in India. I just hired a person in India […]

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