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Why America is broke(n)

A sobering and personal example of how the Government cannot do anything efficiently.

In my day job we occassionally sell hardware to clients.  As our business has ramped up with a Government entity we’ve hit the radar of the hardware manufacturer.  It turns out the manufacturer has a Government contract with a set price list.  This price list is not negotiable.  The Government can purchase from this manufacturer strictly off this pricelist.

The cost for the same items on the manufacturer’s website are 30% better than the Government contract.  However, the Government is bound by their contract to pay ~30% over the price any person could purchase the exact same items for off the street.

This is a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars. It seems criminal. The Government has entered a contract to guarantee they grossly overpay. I’ve heard of $10,000 toilet seats for the Space Shuttle etc. Now I know how these things happen.

The worst part is that no one does anything to stop it.

Where’s the email address for government whistle blowing?

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