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Media Center Wars: Boxee revisited

I use both Plex and Boxee as my home media center apps. I stopped using Boxee for a long time because they dropped Hulu (or vice versa).

Each app has it’s own advantages/disadvantages. For instance, Plex does a better job of browsing movies while Boxee does better with music.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Boxee and I’m digging a few of the new features. Pandora on Plex is just plain ugly. Check out Pandora on Boxee (it’s damn sexee!):

Pandora on Boxee

Pandora on Boxee

I’ll probably continue to alternate back and forth. Now that Boxee’s Hulu is working again Boxee has a slight edge because of the superior way Boxee handles music, which is what I do most on my computer/TV etc.

Either way, I’ll be keeping both Boxee and Plex updated and check on them regularly. Much thanks and appreciation to the work of both teams. Great job!

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