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Star Trek Review

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way. This movie nailed difficult casting choices. Quinto as Spock etc was very well done. Casting helped build the backstory of how these characters met because each character was easily recognizable. There was never a moment of disbelief that this character was not the younger version of a McCoy, Kirk, Chekov etc. They just “fit”.

Now that the good stuff is out of the way…wow did that movie fucking suck. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 95% fresh? That seriously dampens my faith in Rotten Tomatoes. Every sequence of events was cliche or partially borrowed from another movie. I’m going to highlight just a few areas because I don’t have the time to detail the level of pure crap that this movie put on the screen for two hours. Spoilers galore, you’ve been warned.

-In the future, Vulcan and Earth have zero defense. Drop a tethered planet core mining drill from space in the midde of San Francisco because we have no way to stop it. Awesome.
-When sending three people to blow up the mine, we’re going to give the only explosives to Ensign Olson. Guess what happens to Ensign Olson.
-Romulons have Red Matter which grants them the ability to create blackholes. Guess where they keep it! On an unguarded spaceship that can be flown right off their own ship in minutes.
-Hey, let’s do this Star Wars thing with a monster chasing Kirk only to get eaten by a bigger monster because we can’t write an original scene to save our lives. Also, lots of bouncy cameras.
-Old Spock has just seen his planet blown up but he’s going to deceive Kirk because he wants Young Spock and Kirk to be BFF. OK! That sounds super logical.
-Check it out, we’re gonna beam only our Capt and First Officer aboard the enemy ship because that’s how they did it in the ’60’s and we are gonna rock it ol’ skool!
-Kirk in bed with a hot green chick, because we can’t stop ourselves from recycling tired ideas.

To sum it up Star Trek is a good looking movie. Excellent casting. Purely horrible story. I can’t believe it’s getting great reviews. Society as a whole is braindead.

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