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Orlando, Chicago, Chicago

You may have heard the saying (or some variation):  “It takes five times to form a habit but only three times to break it.”  The meaning is that for any activity to become a habit requires five repetitions but that the habit can be broken with just three missed occurrences.

Take this blog for instance!  I’ve been off my regular routine due to travel to Orlando and two trips to Chicago inside of four weeks.  The weekends away seeing old friends and relaxing have been great.

Tomorrow I leave again for four days in Chicago.  I will be staying downtown at the Palmer House. I look forward to seeing all the changes that have happened downtown and in my old neighborhood. It has been far too long since I’ve visited some of my favorite childhood places.

The reason for the trip is to celebrate a good friend’s recent marriage at a restaurant. Yes, I’m flying to Chicago to have dinner, I am that much of a baller (not really, he’s a good friend and I told him months ago I would attend).

So after my third trip in the past four weeks I’ll be back to forming my habits (regular blog posts) all over! See you on the other side.

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