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The Cherrypal

I read an interesting article about the Cherrypal, a 2 watt green “Cloud Computer”.

I wrote about my opinion of Cloud Computing in a previous post.

Personally, I think the Cherrypal is overpriced. The limitations of this device don’t justify $250. Once these devices are under $100 and the applications available in the cloud mature I think the Cherrypal will have a market. Until then, I’m intrigued but not impressed.

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  1. Hi Stuart, Thanks for talking about the CherryPal. I agree with you about being intrigued, and I’m withholding my judgement on whether I’m impressed until I get one in my hand.

    I learned about the Chumby from your posts. I am linking to this page from my blog, CherryPal for Everyone, at cherrypal dot blogspot dot com. I am excited about how the CherryPal can bridge barriers to people who have not had access to computers or the internet because of money, fear, education or other challenges. I will be commenting on my experience of using it on my blog as soon as I get my own CherryPal C100! You can use CODE CPP206 to get your own CherryPal for $10 less than purchase price at Paypal when they are shipping (soon!) The best update I’ve gotten on availability is that the delay is due to a last minute decision to upgrade the solid state storage to a faster, higher quality version than planned. The hardware is working perfectly but the software requires some tweaks to fully optimize the OS to the new hardware. I think its worth the wait as there is nothing else available at the price point of $239 (using code CPP206). Come visit for updates I don’t work for the company, just an anticipated fan with interests in cloud computing, green washing, and cheap, reliable connectivity.

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