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The upside of expensive Gas

Gas is at $4.50/gallon. Hummers sit on lots while the Prius has a six month waiting list. Solar, Wind, Nuclear and Natural Gas have become hot topics.

India will soon produce a $3,000 car. With 1.2 billion people the availability of a $3,000 car will intensify worldwide gas consumption and demand for oil. Add in China with it’s parabolic increased consumption of all natural resources and the problem is mushrooming.

The United States still consumes more resources than any other Country. We send $700 Billion overseas every year for oil. This transfer of wealth has resulted in American institutions like Anheuser-Busch struggling to fight off foreign takeover and the Chrysler building being eyed for purchase by Abu Dhabi.

The perfect storm is here in the form of the housing crisis. Our financial institutions are in trouble. The dollar is devalued due to liquidity injections from the Fed. Meanwhile our addiction to oil is a one-way pipeline of American money to the Mideast. These two dark clouds are raining misery on us all.

While we are all suffering due to the higher price of oil, the pain is offset because the effect of these prices is that our habits are changing. Less driving, more conservation and intense pressure to lessen our dependence on oil.  Americans are finally thinking globally and acting locally.

Conservation is good for the planet and the United States. We’ll feel the pain at the pump for years but this pain is going to motivate action.

Better now than never.

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