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Monthly Archives: June 2008

San Diego Critical Mass – June 2008

Critical Mass is a worldwide event that takes place in most major cities on the last Friday of every month. People gather on their bikes in a public place and ride through the city. Due to the sheer number of riders (sometimes in the thousands) the peloton stops traffic. Impromptu volunteers take turns corking to […]

Remembering Productopia

There used to be a website called  Productopia would review products, like coffee makers for example, and rate their top three picks (according to budget). I loved the site and the convenience.  It was easy to navigate and user friendly. If I was in the market for a coffee maker (or whatever) I could […]

Interrupt driven

As a technical consultant my work life is interrupt driven.  Long term projects are constantly put on pause to deal with urgent issues that require immediate attention. Today was different:  I forgot to take my cellphone to work.  Without my cellphone, I was not interrupted by text messages, twitter updates, brightkite posts, automated SMS alerts […]


Tonights Sushi bill was $150 for two people.  Is that an example of Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins? From wikipeida: 

Insanity of the small business

Last week we lost a large chunk of revenue when a client switched to a new services provider.  Today, it appears that client may be coming back into the fold with a big project in tow.  Also, we received a PO from a new client and a surprise opportunity just came our way. In the […]

HOA meetings

We just had our annual HOA meeting for my community.  At last year’s meeting we had resident accusations of attempted arson, yelling, tears and an abrupt departure of a board member.  It was one midget-transvestite short of being a full episode of Jerry Springer. This year we discussed garage doors.  We’re spending $245,000 to replace […]

Domain names and privacy

The first challenge of starting a blog is picking a domain name.  This is much more difficult than it sounds.  Almost every conceivable word combination is registered.  Mind you, most domain names are not being used, but the fact someone registered the name means it’s not available.  So… it is! On Privacy:  with the proliferation […]

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